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Plagiarism A Fine Line Between Inspiration And Plagiarism

When it comes to artist’s muses there is a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism. If one tries to define the areas where art starts plagiarizing a body of work, they will most likely end up fighting in circles. It is difficult to constitute where plagiarizing begins and inspiration ends. Artists have been including copyrighted or trademarked work into their own pieces and then calling it their own for decades, possibly even longer. Nowadays artists from all ends of the world are basing their work around preexisting pieces or are using the likenesses surrounding them. This doesn’t rest in the art world either. Just recently in the news, there was a report that a successful lawsuit was brought against Robin Thicke for his hit song â€Å"Blurred Lines.† Marvin Gaye’s estate brought a lawsuit against Thicke for ripping off Gaye’s 1977 hit â€Å"Got to Give It Up.† The ruling was in favor of Gaye, resulting in Thicke owing $7.3 million to G aye’s family in damages (Grow, Kory). This case and other cases have light shed on them from the media and then public debates ensue about which party is in the right. Society has an array of opinions when it comes to copyright, fair use, and appropriation. Many people do not understand the specifics about copyright laws nor do they comprehend how one can truly break these laws fully. More often than not, people are familiar with at least the phrases copyright, appropriation and fair use. But the legitimate points are fairly skewed by the public.Show MoreRelatedWriting an Academic Essay1224 Words   |  5 Pagesacademic piece of writing, and incorporating them effectively into your own writing. In this essay I will further discuss the following three features to enrich credible academic writing; planning and drafting, critical writing and referencing and plagiarism. With an abundant quantity of literature available, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to the credibility of an academic piece of writing. With the amount of literature available, especially with the Internet, making criticalRead MoreResearch Task : Newcastle College3427 Words   |  14 PagesI learn to teach the students how to engage in mathematical thinking, how to use problem solving techniques, practical work, mental methods, use of calculator and computers to accomplish good results. It is essential to show them the correlation between maths, other subjects and areas of world so that they can embrace it. By training to teach maths, I will learn to plan and deliver lessons in classroom and how to deal with the subject s challenges. 3) What learning and perhaps teaching experiencesRead MoreAn Ethical Assessment of Cultural Appropriation in Fine Art6236 Words   |  25 PagesAppropriate Appropriation: An Ethical Assessment of Cultural Appropriation in Fine Art Gabriela Amaya-Baron Ethics and Visual Representation Diane Zeeuw 09/2012 Cultural appropriation is a concept that seems to carry with it a negative connotation. I think this is understandable since the practice often involves the recognition of certain societal divides, which can be highly sensitive and political. This can make people uncomfortable, and in the context of the arts, it has been known to causeRead MoreEssence of Leadership6795 Words   |  28 PagesStudent ID number: 11019066 Module name: Essence of Leadership Assignment Title: Final Essay Assignment deadline: May 08 2012 Effective word count: 5848 I confirm that I have read the University regulations on plagiarism, and that this assignment is my own work. â€Å"I declare that I am the sole author of this assignment and the work is a result of my own investigations, except where otherwise stated. All references have been duly cited†    ii    Table of Contents ListRead MoreBenchmark assignment6199 Words   |  25 Pagesoverhead projection systems, Smart boards, and computer programs, including but not limited to, interactive and math resource internet sites such as and These sites are excellent resources for math students - enabling them to fine tune their computation skills and assist them in correctly identifying and working with various mathematical formulas. A school district in Eau Claire County, Michigan has implemented a technology plan for their student body and I echo its sentimentsRead MoreElizabethan Era11072 Words   |  45 Pagesdefended against the Catholic powers of the Continent. The Elizabethan Age is viewed so highly because of the contrasts with the periods before and after. It was a brief period of largely internal peace between the English Reformation, with battles between Protestants and Catholics, and the battles between parliament and the monarchy that would engulf the seventeenth century. The Protestant Catholic divide was settled, for a time, by the Elizabethan Religious Settlement and parliament was still not strongRead MoreIndian English Novel17483 Words   |  70 Pagesshe is not helpless and is not dependent. They feel that a woman is an equal competent just like a man. Today, a woman has also become a direct money earner and she is not only confined to household works. The women of modern era think on different lines and that is what is depicted in the novels of the Indian women authors. These facts are incorporated by the women writers. Indian women writers explores the feminine subjectivity and applies the theme that ranges from childhood to complete womanhoodRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 PagesStrategy Experience simulation with guidance on the aims and objectives of the simulation, and instructions on how to set up simulation groups that enable you to monitor your student’s performance Also: the following instructor resources are available off-line: †¢ Instructor’s manual in hard copy, with CD containing PowerPoint slides and classic cases †¢ Video resources on DVD For more information, please contact your local Pearson Education sales representative or visit Read MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pages . . . . . . . . . 169 Centralization and Decentralization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 170 Unity of Command . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 172 Span of Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 172 Line and Staff Positions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 174 Coordinatio n . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 176 Coordinating Mechanisms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 177 Conclusion . . . . . .Read MoreA Picatrix Miscellany52019 Words   |  209 PagesChapter 6 deals with the nature of man. Starting from the premise that man is a microcosm, the author opens with an enumeration of the characteristics which make man superior to all other creatures (pp 40-41). He then gives the familiar correspondences between the parts of the human body and those of the macrocosm. Though at first there are only reminiscences of the lhwà ¢n al-Safà ¢Ã¢â‚¬â„¢, we soon find whole pages together which are identical with that work, and, in part, with the work edited by Goldziher as The

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Immigration And The Migration Policy Institute Essay

According to the Migration Policy Institute, an independent nonpartisan think tank focused on immigration and emigration levels globally, approximately 11.6 million out of the 43.2 million total of all United States immigrants are of Mexican descent (Mexican-Born Population Over Time, 1850-Present). The common belief with immigration is that upon their migration, the individuals and/or families experience a cultural shift, resulting often in an assimilation into their new nation’s culture. While this sector of American immigration represents 26.9% of all total immigrants, these immigrants undergo a significantly less amount of cultural shift, as is clearly evident in the fields of linguistics, post-immigration residency, educational levels, and occupational distribution in comparison to both their immigrant and native United States citizen counterparts. Rather, the tendency is the formation of ethnic enclaves, or communities with a high concentration of an ethnic (or in some c ases immigrant) group, instead of dispersing and integrating with more diverse American communities and thus American culture. Immigrants from Mexico to the United States experience a minimal amount cultural assimilation, and thus have a minimal loss of native culture upon living in America. CONCEPTION OF CULTURAL SHIFT The concept of cultural assimilation is not limited to the idea of Mexican immigration, nor is it inherently inaccurate. From a linguistic perspective, as globalization increases,Show MoreRelatedReforming Immigration Reform732 Words   |  3 PagesReforming Immigration Reform Problem Definition In what could arguably have been the shot heard around the world during the 2012 election year, President Obama in June issued an executive order suspending deportations of low-priority undocumented immigrants under the age of 30 (Office of the Press Secretary, 2012). The order targeted young Hispanics who had been brought to the United States by their parents years ago, the so-called Dreamers. During the rest of the campaign, Obama spent considerableRead MoreEssay about Immigration Reform722 Words   |  3 PagesImmigration Reform At this time, the United States has allowed more immigrants to enter the country than at any time in its history. Over a million legal and illegal immigrants take up residence in the United States each year. Immigration at its current magnitude is not fulfilling the interests or demands of this country. With the country struggling to support the huge intake of new comers, life in America has been suffering tremendously. The excessive stress put upon the welfareRead MoreEssay on Immigration Reform750 Words   |  3 PagesImmigration Reform At this time, the United States has allowed more immigrants to enter the country than at any time in its history. Over a million legal and illegal immigrants take up residence in the United States each year. Immigration at its current magnitude is not fulfilling the interests or demands of this country. With the country struggling to support the huge intake of new comers, life in America has been suffering tremendously. The excessive stress put upon the welfare system, overuseRead MoreIllegal Immigration Is The United States1548 Words   |  7 PagesIllegal immigration has almost always been a part of the United States. There seems to be a neverending amount of people who believe in the â€Å"land of opportunity†, the home of the free and the brave. However, it seems that some may be more opportune than others. Illegal immigrants come to America with hopes and dreams of living a better lifestyle than the one that they currently possess. Currently, the American citizenship process is antiquated and not suited to fit a modern United States of AmericaRead MoreCauses Of Migration851 Words   |  4 PagesWhat are migration patterns? Migration patterns are the movement by people from one place to another with wanting to settle down. The movement is usually over a long distance and/or from one country to another. Human patterns of movement are because of the conditions of a changing world and the impact of the cultural landscapes of both the places people migrate from and the places they settle. What is migration? Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. What is immigration? ImmigrationRead MoreImmigration Is One Of The Most Popular Topics Today1591 Words   |  7 PagesProfessor James Leary English 101 [DR] 23 February 2016 Immigration is one of the most popular topics today. Over 4.4 million illegal aliens are on the waiting list to be documented. Many U.S. citizens have been in an outrage over legalizing immigrants. But what many people fail to realize is that immigration has several advantages that far exceeds the negative concerns. Immigration brings several economic advantages to the United States. Immigration also has a huge influence on American culture. DespiteRead MoreThe Social Issues That Affect All Citizens Of The United1479 Words   |  6 Pagesexample, the two most important social issues that will impact citizens of the United States of America in 2017 include immigration and health care. Another aspect that affects immigration and health care in the United States of America is the role federal and state government will play. President Trump in his first few months has already created executive orders impacting immigration. â€Å"Executive Order 13769 suspended for 90 days the entry of certain aliens from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, SomaliaRead MoreThe Legalization Of Illegal Immigration1541 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is the illegal immigration There were 19.5 million refugees worldwide at the end of 2014, 14.4 million under the mandate of UNHCR, around 2.9 million more than in 2013. Illegal immigration, is the migrations of people across national borders in a way that violates the Immigration laws of the destination country, most of the time the illegal immigrant moves from a poorer to a richer country, however, it is also noted that illegal immigrants tend not to be the poorest within their population.Read MoreCan Immigration Control Be Sustained Or Is It Unsustainable?882 Words   |  4 PagesCan immigration control be sustained or is it unsustainable†¦.? Before knowing about the sustainability of the immigration let us first know what immigration is, it is nothing but movement of people or an individual or groups of people from one place to another place but the destination country they arrive is not their native but a different country where they don’t have that country’s citizenship and they are not the locals of the country. The main purpose of their migration maybe in search of employmentRead MoreUnited States s Speech On Immigration System1091 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Migration has been process for the whole history of human being. People roamed to seek for available livestock, new land for settlement and place for hunting and fishery. And these process has been processed until today around the world, despite for more reasons and subjects. For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations.(Lindsey, 2014) Obama stated to begin his speech about immigration system

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A Very Special Critter By Gina And Mercer Mayer - 945 Words

Friendship is a key aspect of life. Friends are your support system, who you go to in time of need, and who you share memories with that can last a lifetime. In today’s society, many friendships are broken up because of trust issues or the lack of positivity that may be spread through the group. The book called A Very Special Critter by Gina and Mercer Mayer is a book about a new kid named Alex coming to class who is in a wheelchair. One kid in the class was afraid because he had never seen someone in a wheelchair before. Alex came into class the next day, and everyone thought his wheelchair was super cool. Alex made a lot of friends. The book explains that no matter what disability a child has that there will always be someone there to support him/her. A child in their wheelchair may feel lonely and get down on themselves. Perhaps because they feel out of place, and feel as if they are incapable of what all their friends can do. However, that is not true. In today’s society, there are many sports and activities available for kids who have a disability (Mayer, 1992). Sometimes making new friends can be overwhelming and scary at times. A book called Just A New Neighbor by Gina and Mercer Mayer is about a mother telling her child there is a new kid moving in next door. The neighbor walks up and asks if he wants to play. The kid says no and runs away. The new neighbor kid follows. Eventually they both fall in a pile of mud and start to laugh. In the end they becameShow MoreRelatedA Very Special Critter By Gina And Mercer Mayer944 Words   |  4 Pagesyou share memories with that can last a lifetime. In today’s society, many friendships are broken up between friends because of trust issues, or the lack of positivity that may be spread through the group. The book called A Very Special Critter by Gina and Mercer Mayer is a book about a new kid named Alex coming to class who is in a wheelchair. One kid in the class was afraid because, he had never seen someone in a wheelchair before. The kid came into class the next day and everyone thought hisRead MoreMercer Mayer: Little Criter Short Stories and the Crucial Life Lessons They Portray1141 Words   |  5 Pages Mercer Mayer is an American artist and short story author who was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on December 30, 1943. He grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, and attended art school in Honolulu and New York City. He has written over 300 short stories, some with the help of his current wife, Gina Mayer. The stories I have chosen to analyze are part of his â€Å"Little Critter† series. These stories include â€Å"Little Critter’s The Fussy Princess,† â€Å"Taking Care of Mom,† â€Å"I Was so Mad,† â€Å"The New Baby,† and

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Benito Mussolinis Rise And Fall To Power Essay Example For Students

Benito Mussolinis Rise And Fall To Power Essay Benito Mussolini had a large impact on World War II. He wasnt always a powerful dictator though. At first he was a school teacher and a socialist journalist. He later married Rachele Guide and had 5 children. He was the editor of the Avanti, which was a socialist party newspaper in Milan.Benito Mussolini founded the Fasci di Combattimento on March of 1919.This was a nationalistic, anti liberal, and anti socialist movement. This movement attracted mainly the lower middle class.1 Fascism was spreading across Europe. Mussolini was winning sympathy from King Victor Emmanuel III. Mussolini then threatened to march on Rome. This was a nationalistic, anti liberal, and anti socialist movement. This movement attracted mainly the lower middle class.1 Fascism wasspreading across Europe. Mussolini was winning sympathy from King VictorEmmanuel III. Mussolini then threatened to march on Rome. This persuadedKing Victor Emmanuel III to invite Mussolini to join a coalition, whichstrongly helped him gain more power. Benito Mussolini brought Austria on Germanys side by a formalalliance. In 1937, he accepted a German alliance. The name of thisalliance was the Anti Comntern Pact. On April 13, 1937 Benito Mussoliniannexed Albania. He then told the British ambassador that not even thebribe of France and North Africa would keep him neutral.2 The Britishambassador was appalled and dismayed. On May 28, 1937, Mussolini strongly gave thought to declaring war. He then attacked the Riviera across the Maritime. On September 13,1937 he opened an offensive into British-garrisoned Egypt from Libya.3 On October 4, 1937, while the offensive still seemed to promisesuccess, Benito Mussolini met Adolf Hitler at the Brenner Pass, ontheir joint frontier. The two of them discussed how the war in theMediterranean, Britains principal foothold outside its island base,might be turned to her decisive disadvantage. Hitler suggested toMussolini that Spain might be coaxed on the axis side, thus givingGermany free use of the British Rock of Gibraltar, by offering Francopart of French North Africa, and that France might be persuaded toaccept that concession by compensation with parts of British WestAfrica.4 Mussolini seemed enthusiastic and very understandable why this was thecase, since this scheme included the gaining of Tunis, Corsica, and Nice(annexed by Napoleon III in 1860) from France. Hit ler then hurried hometo his house in Berlin to arrange visits to Franco and Petan. Back inthe capital Hitler created a letter to Stalin inviting Molotov, theSoviet Foreign Minister, to visit early, when Germany and the U.S.S.R. might then agree among themselves how to profit from Britain not havinga defense. A week later, on October 20, he left in his command train, Amerika, tomeet Petan and Franco. The meeting with Franco took place on October 23at Hendaye on the Franco-Spanish frontier.5 It had become quite famousin the history of World War Two for Hitlers furious parting shot that hewould rather have three or four teeth extracted from than go throughthat again. Franco, who was greatly supported by his Prime Minister,Serrano Suner, stonewalled throughout the hours towards negotiation withFranco. When his train left at two in the morning, Hitler had notadvanced an inch towards co-belligerency with Franco. Petan met Hitler on October 24, and proved to be equally unresponsive. Petan convinced Hitler that they had a meeting of minds. Petan had onlyagreed to a promise to consult his government, Hitler decided to make abigger deal out of it and believed that they were united in a productivehostility to Britain. Hitler now had the outlines, despite Francos struggle, of a larger coalition war to present to Molotov at his next visit. When Hitler was waiting for the Soviet Foreign minister to come, he was distracted bythe weird behavior of Mussolini, who then chose to mount an attack fromAlbania (occupied by the Italian army in April 1939) into Greece.6 Mussolini said that he was motivated by the fear that the British wouldestablish positions in Greece if he did not. He had good strategicreasons for wishing to deny them naval and air bases any closer to hisown along the Adriatic that those who already possessed in Egypt andMalta. He attacked Greece in October, 1937.7 Mussolinis participation in the Battle of France aroused the derisionof neutrals and enemies. He was determined to win in Greece his share ofthe laurels which had fallen in a not proportionate number to theWehrmacht. Genocide EssayThe failure of Mussolinis invasion of Greece greatly upset Hitler ashe waited Molotovs arrival. This not only messed up his scheme tochange the Balkans into a satellite zone by peaceful diplomacy; it wasalso upsetting the Soviet Union. On October

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Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course

Teaching standards are one of the bases for the normal functioning of the college system and the efficiency of the tasks, as well as the orderliness of the curriculum.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Hence, the standards established for certain grades must take into account an umber of factors, such as the abilities of the students at the given age, the previous history of the curriculums, the knowledge obtained, the material that has been embraced and the gaps that have been left unfilled, etc. Moreover, at certain points, the curriculums of the two systems are supposed to intertwine, since the material studied in the 10th grade within the sphere of California Standards and the Advanced Placement History Course are supposed to correlate and have the points of contact as the courses that actually teach the same subject. Despite the obvious efficacy of the Californian system of studying and the Advanced Placement History Course, there are obvious discrepancies in the educational systems, which means that the issue has to be considered thoroughly. The analysis of the two systems shows that each of them displays certain peculiarities that cross at the points concerning the skills that the systems are supposed to train in the students, yet have considerable differences in the way the given skills are taught. One of the first issues that one will immediately spot is the recurrent themes that both the Californian curriculum and the Advanced Placement History Course have. While the Californian curriculum themes â€Å"are intended to provide foundational knowledge for future college-level course work† (California tenth grade’s standards, 2008, p. 5), in the Advanced Placement History Course, the themes are obviously supposed to develop the wide spectrum of kn owledge on a certain issue and mostly concern specialized topics: â€Å"Content Standard: World History, Culture, and Geography Students analyze the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States† (College Board, 2011). It is essential to emphasize that each of the given topics is rather vast, but at the same time vague. In contrast to the Advanced Placement History Course, the Californian standards are much more precise and to the point: â€Å"Content Standard: World History, Culture, and Geography Students analyze the effects of the Industrial Revolution in England, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States† (College Board 2011).Advertising Looking for essay on education? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In terms of the student skills that the given systems train, one should mention that each of the courses presupposes the development of the abilities to analyz e and offer solutions for certain problems. College Board (2011) insists that the students should be able to reason, compare and analyze (p. 7), and California tenth grade’s standards (2008) confirm that: â€Å"CA.9-12.HS Content Standard: Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills.† As for the coverage of the topic s offered, one must admit that the California tenth grade’s standards deals with the given issue in a far more efficient way, offering a plethora of problems to discuss and splitting the curriculum into numerous points, while the College Board (2011) prefers not to go into details. However, the curriculums of the two grades help the students develop comparatively similar skills. Taking a closer look at the curriculum of the Californian educational system, one must mark that the latter presupposes the development of such skills as the ability to analyze and approach a certain issue from multiple viewpoints. According to the College Board (2011), t he students who attend the given courses must obtain the knowledge concerning such spheres as â€Å"interaction between humans and environment† (p. 17), â€Å"development and interaction of cultures† (p. 18), â€Å"State-building, expansion and conflict† (p. 18), â€Å"Creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems† (p. 19) and â€Å"Development and transformation of social structures† (p. 20). It seems that with the help of merging the two systems, a more efficient way of coping with the academic material can be found. Comprising the detailed outline of the California tenth grade’s standards and the comprehensibility of the College Board system might finally result in an all-embracing program that will spur the efficiency of the students. Hence, it can be deduced that in the Californian system of teaching the subjects and the one of the Advanced Placement History Course, certain parallels can be traced. Nevertheless, one must admi t hat the system of teaching in the Californian and the Advanced Placement History Course teaching styles both leave much to be desired and offers a vast area for improvements.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With the help of a rational approach towards the issues that cause the greatest problems in the studying process, one is likely to come up with the most efficient solutions. Moreover, the positive elements of the California Standards and the Advanced Placement World History Course teaching system should be marked as well. It is obvious that with the help of the recurrent issues in the topics and the subjects in the California Standards and the Advanced Placement World History Course, students are likely to digest and remember the material netter. Once introducing the efficient amen dments to the existing system, one is likely to create a perfect environment for fruitful studying. Reference List California tenth grade’s standards (2008). Teaching History Board. Web. College Board (2011). AP world history. Sacramento, CA: The College Board. Web. This essay on Teaching Standards in Californian System of Studying and the Advanced Placement History Course was written and submitted by user Rodolfo G. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Movements that had an impact on colonial Americas dev. essays

Movements that had an impact on colonial America's dev. essays There were several movements that had an impact on colonial America. Some of these movements were the Mayflower Compact, mercantilism, the enslavement of Africans, and the first Great Awakening. Each of these movements had a great impact on the development of colonial America, and helped to create what America is today. The Mayflower Compact was a document signed by 41 male passengers on the Mayflower before landing at Plymouth. Concerned that some members might leave to form their own colonies, William Bradford and others drafted the compact to bind the group into a political body and pledge members to abide by any laws that would be established. The document adapted a church covenant to a civil situation and was the basis of the colonys government. The settlers elected a governor and at first made all decisions for the colony at town meetings. Before the Mayflower Compact was drafted, the Pilgrims suffered problems with disease, neighboring Indians, and an unfamiliar climate. Under the leadership of William Bradford and William Brewster, the colony slowly recovered from the losses of the first year and by 1630 had a population of about 400 people. Within a few years, the colony had reached, and passed, 1,000 inhabitants. This compact was the first attempt at self-governing by the colonists. They were not ordered by the King to create this; they did it of their own accord in order to survive. This compact served as an example for other colonies, and they soon created their own governments as well. This trend of self-governing led to a greater independence of the colonies from the motherland, and it ultimately led to the American Revolution. Mercantilism also had a great impact on colonial America. England, France, Holland, and Spain all restricted their colonies foreign trade. Subsidies and other assistance was employed to encourage the colonies to produce raw materials, while their right to pro...

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Reflective writing baased on Full Body burden Essay

Reflective writing baased on Full Body burden - Essay Example Besides, Kristine gives readers her stint at the weaponry facility where she was employed to work for a short duration of time. In as much as several concepts are evident in the book, it is fundamental to explore the facts and fictions that came out through Karen’s narration of the Colorado plant. Fact is defined as a thing that is known and has been proven true while fiction is something that is not right and untrue. While growing up and working for Rocky Plants nuclear weapon, Kristine encountered a number of challenges and experiences; some are facts while others are fictions (Iversen 3). I find that Kristine’s narration balanced between facts and fictions that help readers share the same viewpoint. The author candidly reveals her personal life to readers in an open manner. The events that surrounded her personal life such as having an alcoholic father and working at the nuclear factory shaped her life and gave her the experiences she needed to write the book. I cons ider the revelation of these secrets important for the development of the story since they were factual (Iversen 31). According to Kristine, she received the information needed for the development of the book from the interviews she conducted on the people, both from the neighborhood and from the plant. This is fictitious because she does not tell us the methods she used for the interviews. Furthermore, she is at pains to illustrate how she corroborated the data. The illustrations are factual because they are based on experiences. This is because it is a first person narration. She was at the same place where events were taking place. I find it tricky to determine facts in a situation where the people to be interviewed have vague memories. Consequently, I believe that the author’s recollection of her family’s memories is false. This is attributable to the fact that she directly quoted some of the conversations she had with members of the family. She pointed out exactly what her sister was doing while on her date. This is fiction because the author fails to declare that she interviewed her sister. Ordinarily, this cannot be factual because the time duration cannot allow persons to recall the exact words said more than a decade ago. This is because she spent twelve years working on the book (Iversen 301). Kristine takes us through the bare facts concerning the plant while revealing the once hidden secrets about the nuclear plant. The government had initially lied to the citizens of Colorado about the dealings of the plant. However, when Kristine exposed the damages that the surrounding environment had undergone due to nuclear weapons disposal by the factory, it disclosed the shocking cover up by the US government. Besides, the radiations from the factory caused hurt not only to the environment but also to human health. This is because several people were diagnosed with cancer. The factory was closed because of these revelations. I find such kind of disclosure by the author factual. Otherwise, the factory would still be operating had the stories been fictitious. A crucial aspect of the book is portrayed in chapter sixteen. The author highlights the decline of a family. Kristine discloses the emotional disconnect that her family had with their alcoholic father. This alcoholism almost caused them their lives when her father was driving when intoxicated. Although the author’s father was a lawyer, he constantly faced trouble with the law due to